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Intervention Works

There are many times when a family has been pushed to a breaking point due to their loved one’s addictions. Despite efforts made by friends and those closest to the one suffering, those pleas to have them seek help can fall on deaf ears. At Prospect Hill, we are staffed with professional interventionists who travel worldwide to assist families in crisis…and more often than not interventions are successful.

A properly facilitated intervention typically has favorable results, meaning 90% of the time the individual agrees to go into a treatment setting that is properly suited, coordinated and planned by the interventionist and family ahead of time.

There are many key factors to having a positive outcome with intervention. Keeping the intervention team united, calm, driven towards the only goal-which is to get their loved one to accept help. A seasoned interventionist knows how to walk the family through the denial, manipulation, minimizing, and other actions the active addict will attempt to use in their favor. The family is well prepared for the intervention because there is a planning day before, this is known as the pre-intervention.

By the time the pre-intervention meeting is finished, everyone will be well informed and totally prepared for the intervention the following day. Families always feel more comfortable with the process after this day as there’s so much anxiety and fear around the intervention itself (these feelings are totally normal! It’s our job to hold your hand through it all with compassion, dignity and “firm love”. No pre-intervention is concluded until everyone knows their role for the intervention, how to function as a team and remain united, and necessary actions the team must take given a variety of circumstances.

Our clinicians and therapists at Prospect Hill are well versed in working through the walls and barriers that the addicted mind creates, helping to peel layers back within the individual to get to core causes and condition related to the disease and are experts in dealing with someone coming into treatment as a result of intervention. It’s our responsibility to work through the idea that they don’t have a problem with drugs and alcohol, this sometimes takes a little while, but the result is a “huge win” as the client can then focus on solutions for their personal recovery. 

If someone you love doesn’t see the need for help but your family does, contact us at Prospect Hill and we will assign one of our intervention specialists to develop a plan for intervention, regardless of where you are located, we intervene worldwide and safely transport your loved one to Prospect Hill in St. Croix (U.S. Virgin Islands). 

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