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A Different Look

There are so many things that are positive about being in recovery. We not only start to look better on the outside, but our insides take on a whole unique perspective on life. We no longer miss important meetings or time with our friends and families because we can be present in the lives of those who mean the most to us. In active addiction life always seemed riddled with bad excuses, lying to our loved ones, and not being accountable, not even to ourselves. 

Clean living, honesty, integrity, awareness, humility, love, joy, become a total part of us. When difficult or painful times occur, we can stay sober because we are active in our personal recovery, attending meetings, and being part of something so much greater. 

We become interested in others, helping others, seeing others recover and sharing with the new person in recovery how you relate to them. We get the gift of listening, we learn to listen and listen to learn, one of the great intangibles we never practiced because of the alcohol and drug-addicted lens we were looking through.

At Prospect Hill one of our primary goals is to help restore your health and wellbeing and give you the necessary tools to recreate your life. Our staff of compassionate professionals are dedicated to the highest level of care in a setting that allows you to reset and recharge, as you learn more about yourself and the actions needed for sustained recovery after your departure. 

If you are tired of drinking, or tired of addiction, please call Prospect Hill and allow us to help you change for the better. Located in beautiful St. Croix in the U.S. Virgin Islands we look forward to helping you start your new journey in recovery. 

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