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A Baffling Disease

If you were diagnosed with cancer that was life threatening and told there was a solution to help save your life, would you investigate that solution? Most people would say, “I’ll do anything, just tell me what I have to do!” So, the doctor tells you, “All you must do is meet with other recovering cancer patients every day for an hour. You will share with one another your experience with cancer, help other new members of the group, and read a book that helps keep you cancer free.” 

I am quite sure you would ask where the meetings are and when you could start going! I know I sure would. This is an impossible example to give as there is no treatment for cancer that exists like this, but there happens to be a solution for alcoholism and drug addiction that works as described above. Alcoholism and drug addiction is undoubtedly a fatal disease that kills scores of people daily. There is a proven solution, where addicts and alcoholics gather every day, in all corners of the world, they read something called “The Big Book” and they follow direction from a sponsor who takes them through the steps. The results are a profound alteration within, which allows that person to then “carry the message” to others as their sponsor did for them.

So, why don’t more people seek out this solution? Currently there are more than two million members of AA around the globe, in 180 nations and more than 118,000 groups. Some people are not introduced to the program or do not know it exists. Others do know, have “tried” but never really did the work that allows the change necessary to heal and stay in recovery long term. We have a treatable disease; anyone is welcome to join as the only requirement for membership is the desire to stop drinking/using! 

That is one of the beautiful things about the twelve-step fellowship, we genuinely care for one another, fostering love and support to allow us to create a solid foundation for an amazing life in recovery.

All of us at Prospect Hill are here to guide you, work with you, listen to you, and help to create an aftercare plan that will allow you to thrive “out there” as a sober recovering person. If you are suffering with the disease of alcoholism and/or drug addiction we can help, in an environment that truly allows you to let your guard down, feel safe, and treated with the highest level of care. 

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